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Estavana* F1

Outdoor Gutter | Summer
High Yield and Attractive FruitStrawberry F1 'Estavana': this strong, everbearing variety has been specially develope for summer outdoor gutter cultivation. Due to the good productivity in combination with the attractive ye...

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Soraya* F1

Greenhouse cultivation | Winter and summer
High yield and year-round production

Tasty strawberry F1 'Soraya: an important addition to the assortment for the Fresh Market. This everbearing variety grows well under sustainable LED lighting an...

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Strawberry Delizzimo® in winter greenhouse culture with grow lighting

Modern consumers want to enjoy strawberries with full flavor, as early as possible in the season. A very early crop with F1 hybrid ever bearers and assimilation lighting pr...

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Rowena* F1

Open Field | Summer
High Yield and Weather Resistance

Modern consumers want to enjoy strawberries with full flavor, especially during summer. Thanks to the unique concept of seed propagated F1 hybrids, these strawberries can be produced loc...

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Milan* F1

Open Field | Summer
Fruit Quality & Productivity

Strawberry F1 Hybrid Milan is our standard flavour variety for open field culture. Milan is a strong growing ever bearer with improved shelf life, productivity and fruit flavour. Direct m...

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Elan* F1

Greenhouse and table top | Summer
Flavour and Vitamin C for Food Service

ABZ has raised the standard in fruit production by introducing the ever bearer gourmet variety 'Elan'. This strawberry will be appreciated by your customers for its...

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