Ruby Ann * F1

Hanging Basket Serie

Sensational Red Flower Colour in Strawberry

Strawberry Ruby Ann is a real eye-catcher for its sensational ruby-red flower colour. The compact plant of Ruby Ann produces a ruby-red cascade of flowers and sweet fruits during whole summer. Fruits of Ruby Ann are medium sized and have typical strawberry-like conical shape. Ruby Ann is the new flagship of our Hanging Basket series for ornamental market.

Plant Production

The relatively large seeds of Ruby Ann germinate fast and uniform. Seedlings develop quickly into strong plug plants.


Strawberry F1 Ruby Ann develops a compact plant with very few runners. The sensational deep red flowers appear very early in the season. These characteristics make Ruby Ann well suitable for a culture in our Hanging Basket series as well as in our Early and Compact series.

Fruit Characteristics

Ruby Ann produces abundantly conical, mid-sized fruit during whole summer. Fruit flavour is soft sweet.

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