Toscana * F1 Fleurostar!

Large Flower Series
Large Deep Rose Flowers & Cone Shaped Fruit

At the Annual Fleuroselect Conference 2011 our Strawberry F1 hybrid 'Toscana' was named winner of the prestigious FleuroStar Award 2011/12. This year strawberry 'Toscana' with decorative, dark rose blossoms and striking cone-shaped fruit stood out as the favourite from the 6 top entries. Judges from a cross-section of the industry noted that 'edible ornamentals are trendy and this stunning example has huge commercial potential making it an absolute winner'.

Plant Production

The seedlings of 'Toscana' are very economical and environmentally friendly to produce with excellent, uniform germination.


Strawberry F1 'Toscana' develops a strong plant with several runners and large, deep rose flowers. Flowering and fruiting begins early in the season and continues on the runners.

Fruit Characteristics

'Toscana' has an abundant production of conical, mid size fruits through the whole of summer. Fruits are juicy and sweet flavoured. Brix of fruits is between 8 and 10°.

Strawberry specialists from Andijk-Holland