Fresh produce
1. Elan F1 *
2. Milan F1 *
3. Durban F1 *
4. Golan F1 *
Bedding plant
1. Loran F1
2. Merlan F1
3. Tristan F1
4. Elan F1
5. Beltran F1
6. Pikan F1
7. Frisan F1
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9. Tarpan F1
10. Gasana F1
11. Toscana F1 Fleurostar!
Hobby grower
1. Sarian F1
2. Grandian F1
3. Delician F1
4. Florian F1

3. Tristan F1

Early & Compact Series

Deep Rose Flowers & Compact Plant

This compact and early flowering plant produces abundantly deep rose flowers and sweet tasting fruit during whole summer. Tristan (formerly Exp. G 193) is a new addition to our Early & Compact Series in the ornamental strawberry market.

Plant Production

Plug growers appreciate very much fast and even germination of strawberry 'Tristan'.

High Density Culture

Strawberry 'Tristan' develops compact plant with fine colour of large, deep rose flowers. Few to no runners: this characteristic makes 'Tristan' well suitable for high density culture in 9 - 12 cm pots 'Tristan' fits well into a culture next to Loran.

Fruit Characteristics

Biconical, mid size fruit in combination with lovely deep rose flowers makes 'Tristan' an attractive addition to hobby gardens. Abundant flowering and high yield of fruit will come during whole summer.