Fresh produce
1. Elan F1 *
2. Milan F1 *
3. Durban F1 *
4. Golan F1 *
Bedding plant
1. Loran F1
2. Merlan F1
3. Tristan F1
4. Elan F1
5. Beltran F1
6. Pikan F1
7. Frisan F1
8. Roman F1
9. Tarpan F1
10. Gasana F1
11. Toscana F1 Fleurostar!
Hobby grower
1. Sarian F1
2. Grandian F1
3. Delician F1
4. Florian F1

9. Tarpan F1

Hanging Basket Series

Large, Deep Rose Flowers and Elongated Fruit

This vigorous plant produces abundant large, deep rose flowers during whole summer.
Tarpan is a new sensation in ornamental strawberry assortment.


Seed germination of strawberry Tarpan is outstanding.
Size of seedling is medium.
Production time for plugs of Tarpan fits very well in our assortment.

Culture for finished product

Medium vigorous plants with mid green leaves of Tarpan make many runners.
Still Tarpan is a very early flowering variety. Very large and semi-double flowers, come with sensational deep rose flower colour.
The beautiful deep rose flowers appear during whole summer and autumn.
These characteristics make strawberry Tarpan very suitable for hanging baskets and tubs in private ornamental gardens.

Fruit characteristics

Bright red fruit is medium sized.
Fruit shape is very typical elongated.
Fruit taste is very acceptable for human consumption.