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Strawberry Delizzimo® in winter greenhouse culture with grow lighting

Modern consumers want to enjoy strawberries with full flavor, as early as possible in the season. A very early crop with F1 hybrid ever bearers and assimilation lighting provides opportunities to meet this demand. These greenhouse strawberries have to be able to distinguish themselves from imported strawberries thanks to an excellent taste. In 2013, ABZ Seeds started production- and marketing research with ever bearing strawberry F1 hybrid Delizzimo® in a greenhouse with assimilation lighting.

The ABZ greenhouse trials of Spring 2013 provided already interesting results. A consumer panel of Wageningen UR Bleiswijk, rated the ABZ varieties as very tasteful, significantly better than the well appreciated Lambada. In early Spring trials of 2014 Delizzimo® (L13) produced in a period of four months 7kg/m2 Class I with average fruit weight of 22 grams.

This winter season 2015/16 strawberry Delizzimo® is produced at Brookberries nurseries at Venlo, Holland in a greenhouse with assimilation SON-T lighting. The plants will be in production during five months, from begin December until end of April.

In week 28 (8th July) sowing took place at Plant nursery Noordam at 's Gravenzande, Holland. Seedlings were pricked out in a standard 9 holes tray 6 weeks after sowing.

In week 41 (5th October) 3-months old plants have been delivered to Brookberries nurseries at Venlo, Holland. At the moment of planting first flowers were open.

At Trial Station Zwaagdijk we run an assessment trial with several strawberry F1 hybrids with assimilation SON-T lighting during this winter/spring season.

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