Grandian * F1

Hobby Grower Series
Fruit Size & Productivity

Strawberry 'Grandian' is our special variety for amateur growers who prefer to raise their own strawberry plants for their private fruit and vegetable garden.

Fruit Size
Strawberry 'Grandian' produces large sized fruit with a nice deep red colour throughout summer into autumn.

The strong plants of strawberry 'Grandian' ensures you an abundant harvest of delicious strawberries out of your own fruit garden.

Short Cultural Description
Sow the seeds early January - end of March at room temperature (22 °C).
Prick out seedlings when first true leaf has emerged (after 4-6 weeks).
Harden plants off before planting in your garden (Mid April - begin of June).
lant in full sun in well drained soil.
Water frequently and remove runners from time to time.
Harvest the delicious fruits from end of June until the first night frost.

Strawberry specialists from Andijk-Holland